Anu Saale-Prasad, Ed.M., Ph.D.
Anu Saale-Prasad, Ed.M., Ph.D.


My orientation is primarily Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), but I am also trained in Psychodynamic Therapy. An initial evaluation will help us both determine which therapeutic approach and duration will help you best.

Brief / Time Limited Therapy


I provide psychotherapy to adolescents and adults. Time limited individual sessions are recommended in resolving certain issues such as

  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Adjustment Disorders


These sessions are typically skill focused and are based on CBT principles. As in any form of therapy, and more so in short-term goal based therapy, expect to actively work on changing patterns of thinking and behaviors.


Similar to trying new equipment at the gym, learning new skills might feel awkward and effortful, but will soon become familiar and routine. You will also have your personal coach aiding you in your journey.

Anger Management and Sexual Offenses

Individual psychotherapy is offered for anger management and for sexual offenses. The duration of treatment depends on individual needs. As is the case with most therapeutic relations, an evaluation is performed to determine treatment goals and duration. 

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